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Owning a home has long been hailed as one of several reliable paths to wealth-building, offering stability and growth over time. Unless you’ve got a hefty stash of cash, securing a mortgage is key, so make sure you’re prepped and choose wisely to set yourself up for success.

If you’re considering buying a home, it’s natural to have concerns and questions about the process.

    • Can I afford a house payment?
    • Is my credit good enough?
    • Do I have enough savings for a down payment?

I will help you find the answers.

I will “pull back the curtain” and show you what really happens when you apply for a mortgage.

You will learn how to take steps to improve your opportunity of securing the best financing available for your unique situation.

My primary goal is to empower you to meet your mortgage lender with confidence!

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How You Can Benefit From My 40 Years Of Experience

“Leissa provided us with comprehensive and detailed information, thoroughly and patiently answered all of our questions, ... to ensure we understood all of our options ....”

Elizabeth K. ~ Portland Oregon


If you’re curious about my services or just need more information, I’m here to answer any questions.

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